Deaf Homeschooling

Ft. Dobbs, NC

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          One of the main reason for this blog is to connect with other Deaf Homeschoolers. There are Deaf parents out there homeschooling Hearing kids, there are Hearing parents homeschooling Deaf kids, and there are Deaf parents homeschooling their Deaf kids. Each is a unique dynamic. I feel like we've been through 2 of these groups (Deaf with Hearing child and now Deaf with Deaf kids as well).

With 7 years of homeschool experience, we've found that each child is very different and no one shoe fits all. For now, we define our homeschool as Unschooling, though we do use some curricula. We try not to be a slave to our curriculum but let it be a guideline. We also do a lot of natural exploration (i.e. field trips!).

From time to time I will pop in and share what we're learning and doing in our homeschool. And share ideas and links where to get more information about products we use. I hope to encourage any of you who are considering homeschooling especially your Deaf/ HH child(ren) or even if you are Deaf yourself. The beauty of homeschool is flexibility to be whatever you need it to be.

I truly believe almost anyone can be a great homeschooler.

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  1. Hello. This is Sonny. How can I contact you to ask you questions about homeschooling? We are Deaf and have 3 Deaf kids. We have been trying to find out how we can homeschool our kids.

  2. We have decided to homeschool. Have wanted to do it in the past , but now is God's perfect time . Want to connect with other DHH homeschoolers.

  3. I'm hard of hearing and also want to connect with other deaf/hoh homeschoolers.